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We offer our services in drawing wax impregnation. If you do not have the time, patience, or simply have no desire or ability to independently waxed jacket or backpack we are happy, efficiently and as quickly as possible will do it for you. We have extensive experience with a variety of fabrics, we have professional equipment and a special drying chamber. We are also ready to take the pre-cleaning and laundry products, as well as post service. Technologically, waxing process takes at least three days, one day is required for applying and impregnating the product is aged for two days in a special drying chamber with a temperature of + 50-55 ° C. This is necessary to complete the wax impregnation the fabric fibers.



Sample prices for waxing jackets. 

A model for calculation are taken classic Barbour jacket with a detachable lining

Size S - 3000 ₽
Size M - 4000 ₽
Size L -  5000 ₽
Size XL -  6000 ₽
Size 2XL -  7000 ₽

If the jacket fluff, is added 1000 ₽
If the jacket is not detachable lining, is added 1000 ₽
the Cost of processing a standard urban backpack 17-25L 2000 ₽




The cost of processing a standard urban backpack 17-25L 2000 ₽


The processing cost includes all necessary supplies

  Will advise on the choice of wax impregnation, choose the right staff, Every client who has used our services for the processing is stored in our database ( by arrangement) receives identification card and a discount on all our products and services. We have extensive experience in waxing jackets Alpha industries, Barbour, Belstaff, Brixtol, Burberry, Carhart, Coach, Filson, Fjallraven, Mountaineering, Orvis, Pendleton, Spiewak, Superdry, Woolrich

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