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   Flint Wax the first and only company that uses only natural, vegetable ingredients, which have minimal impact on the environment. All our products are simple and natural, and most importantly - effective. We believe that nature has given us all the necessary tools to create products which can improve our lives. Our company only uses the services of proven suppliers who meet our environmental requirements We use no animal fats, synthetic oils, distillates, preservatives or fillers. If you have questions about our products, you can email us or call, we are happy to advise you. We do not hide our wax impregnation and gladly tell about all the ingredients. Here are the main components of our products: 100% NATURAL BEESWAX, 100% NATURAL CARNAUBA WAX, ORANGE OIL, LINSEED OIL, NATURAL CASTOR OIL, SHEA BUTTER, RESIN of the SIBERIAN CEDAR, BIRCH TAR, Lanolin, TEA TREE OIL


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